Visions Quality Coatings is currently in three different locations servicing over 25 trailer and modular locations through-out the United States, saving them on an average 40% savings on their bottom line!

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Our Products

Visions Quality Coatings offer a wide array of products from fence paint, interior and exterior, direct to metal, solid body stain and roof coating.


Visions Workhorse™ High Performance Primer is a high quality, water-based, stain blocking undercoat that works on both interior and exterior surfaces. Provides excellent adhesion and hide. Comes in 1 gallon Cans and 5 Gallon Buckets. Covers up to 400 Sq. Ft. per gallon.

Customer Reviews

"The most highly pigmented paint I've used, bonus for being recycle!"  Wide Open Walls 2019

John Horton - Wide Open Walls 2019

“Visions paint has performed as good as or better than Kelley-Moore and Sherman Williams."

Martin Hansen - Professional Painter

"We have used Visions Paint for 10 years and love it! They can match any color and buying it saves Sacramento County money in waste paint disposal and creates local jobs in recycling – not to mention it is less expensive than virgin paint but tested to the same standards! Thank you Visions Paint!!!"

Heidi Sanborn

“Paint with integrity,

from start to finish.”

Our re-manufactured paint line is a reflection of our commitment to using sustainable and eco-friendly resources in our process. Our manufacturing practices and the steps we take to ensure that our products are high quality and safe for use are something we will always take pride in.

Environmental Commitment

By using our products, you are promoting sustainability and working to save the environment by choosing environmentally friendly solutions to help give this world a more clean and vibrant future.

Visions Quality Coating




“Pure perfection at an affordable price: Experience the brilliance of our premium white paint and primer”

Our superior quality, water-based, premium white paint plus primer is available in Flat, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss in 5-gallon buckets and 1-gallon cans



Benefits of Incorporating Recycled Paint to Buildings and Infrastructures for Public Sectors

Discover the vibrant world of recycled paint and witness the transformative power it holds for public institutions including schools, universities, and local government buildings. Join us on a sustainable journey towards brighter, more eco-friendly spaces! Go Green, Save Green: We can drastically reduce their environmental…

Creating A Sustainable and Healthy Paint Recycling Process with Visions Quality Coatings

Creating a sustainable and healthy paint recycling process can be challenging, but it is possible. With our commitment to providing the highest quality products while ensuring sustainability, it took us years to come up with these steps to create a sustainable and healthy paint recycling…

Discovering the Advantages of Using Recycled Paint for a More Sustainable Future

Sustainable practices have become increasingly significant in recent years across various businesses. The drive for sustainable development has become unavoidable, from trash reduction to renewable energy. One area where significant progress has been made is the production and use of recycled paint. Recycled paint has…

“Sustainable and affordable architectural coatings through environmentally friendly, premium quality paint.”


Visions Quality Coatings offer a wide array of products from fence paint, interior and exterior, direct to metal, solid body stain and roof coating.

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