Protecting and Preserving the Environment Creating Earth-Friendly Paint Solutions for Future Generations

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Continually Raise the Standards for Recycled Latex Paint

Visions Paint Recycling, Inc. of Sacramento, CA, is dedicated to protecting and preserving the local environment. Through intelligent management of excess paint, key ingredients, and a desire to produce the finest products on the market, we have created a high-quality and economical source for environmentally preferred coatings.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers from the moment they call to when they receive their order. We guarantee that you will receive the highest quality product every time.

We were incorporated in 2001 in Sacramento, CA focusing on blending post-consumer, latex paints with excess products from major manufacturers. Our client base has continued to grow as has our quality and variety of products.

Thanks to customer demand, we now offer a wide range of products including primer, low VOC paint, sundries, and virgin latex paint. Anyone from a homeowner to a contractor can drop off as much latex paint as they want, for free.

Our Vision:

We strive to meet the needs of our environment and clients by using the most advanced technologies available to produce high-quality architectural paint coatings that are guaranteed to last for several years.

With increased awareness of the importance of the environment it is vital for companies to adopt environmentally friendly practices in day-to-day activities, guaranteeing improved public relations and reducing long-term fiscal costs.

Environmental News:

Visions Paint Recycling is proud to announce that is now a drop off site for left over paint. Thanks to PaintCare and newly enacted legislation, we can reuse unwanted paint and reduce the pollution going into landfills. With the California drought we remind you, Recycled paint saves water!