About Us

Over 35 years ago, Jerry Noel started his commercial painting company, Visions Painting. With constantly having leftover paints from his projects, Jerry went to a Sus­tainable Buy Recycled Material conference. He thought that the current way of recy­cling paint was not addressing the quality as part than the quality of the content.

In 2001, Jerry decided to bring quality into the recycled latex paint industry by improv­ing the processes and investing in quality materials to add value to the final product, hence Visions Recycling, Inc. was founded. The company then has since rebranded to Visions Quality Coatings to fully embody its commitment to providing the highest quali­ty products to its customers through con­stant innovation and product development.

Having decades of experience of being a commercial painting contractor allowed Jerry Noel to fully understand what the consumers are looking for in recycled paint: quality, consistency, and accuracy in colors.

Visions products are currently in over 136 stores in 36 states across the US and services the modular and trailer manufacturing industry as well as being Caltrans’ exclusive qualified supplier of recycled paint to the State of California for 13 years.

Visions prides itself on offering excellent customer service and an ideal risk-free partnership program for retailers. Visions Quality Coatings has the highest quality recycled latex paint on the market today.


To be the leader in the industry of manufacturing coatings using premium ingredients and recovered materials.


We are committed to producing excellent quality products through constant innovation and product development. We strive to protect and preserve the environment by finding sustainable options for recovered materials.



Visions prides itself on its diversity and treats its employees, customers, shareholders, and other takeholders equally.


Visions acknowledges the importance of honesty and accountability in every action, decision, and undertaking.


Visions promotes an atmosphere where everyone works together recognizing the efforts of its members and encourages cooperation and synergy towards achieving company goals.