About Us

Visions Quality Coating, Inc. is a California based corporation established in 2001. Visions has been committed to providing the highest quality products to its customers through constant innovation and product development. Visions now offers a wide array of products such as Workhorse Interior/Exterior, Workhorse Primer, Workhorse Graffiti, Workhorse Durable Stain, Workhorse Direct to Metal, Safe-Gard 4200 Elastomeric, Workhorse Accents and Lawn Miracle Grass Paint.

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To be the leader in the industry of manufacturing coatings using premium ingredients and recovered materials.


We are committed to produce excellent quality products through constant innovation and product development.We strive to protect and preserve the environment by finding sustainable options for recovered materials.

a group photo of all paint buckets and paint cans sold by VQC

Core Values

Excellence – Visions is committed to provide the best products and services by constantly and consistently improving its processes and procedures, adapting new trends and finding solutions to the ever-changing market demand.

Respect – Visions has high regard to the value, feelings and rights of its employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders

Equality – Visions prides itself on its diversity and treats its employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders equally.

Integrity – Visions acknowledges the importance of honesty and accountability in every action, decision and undertaking

Teamwork – Visions promotes an atmosphere where everyone works together recognizing the efforts of its members and encourages cooperation and synergy towards achieving company goals.