“I used the Swiss Coffee in my personal kitchen a few weeks ago and the product is great. Great coverage and it is very forgiving for an amateur painter. I have also used a lot of the DTM Black for our merchandising carts. It works really well and has stood up to the banging around our shelves take.” – Adam Tunnell

We have used Visions Paint for 10 years and love it! They can match any color and buying it saves Sacramento County money in waste paint disposal and creates local jobs in recycling – not to mention it is less expensive than virgin paint but tested to the same standards! Thank you Visions Paint!!!” – Heidi Sanborn

“LOVE Visions Paint! This is a family owned business and you can tell when you work with them. Their paint goes on smooth, it is affordable and Visions does GREAT things for the environment. I would highly recommend Visions!” – Brooke Baker Kronschnabel

“Quality paint and the color was spot on! Not to mention affordable and environmentally friendly. I would highly recommend to anyone who will be starting a project soon!” – Amanda Marquez

“Vision’s is amazing! Great quality! Great Staff! All-around wonderful company!” – Justin Clarke

“Absolutely love this place and the quality of the paint is amazing. Would recommend to everyone.” – Bernadette Fitchie

“I work for the Habitat for Humanity Atwater village restore in San Gabriel valley and we just started carrying Visions recycled paint for sale to the public. Visions is a recycled paint product comparable to Behr paint. What I love about visions recycled paint is that the product comes in three different finishes, flat, semi gloss and eggshell, in a variety of different colors and are sod at reasonable price. This product is good for the environment and especially great for the consumers wallet. Visit us at the Atwater village restore for all your home improvement needs, including recycled paint by Visions Quality Coatings.” – Isabel B.