Visions Providing Environmentally Preferred Coatings

At Visions Paint Recycling, we believe that knowledge is a vital component of any endeavor to mitigate damage to the environment.

We believe that promoting environmental health should take priority over secrecy. In furtherance of this aim, we freely distribute information about each and every one of our products. Doing so accomplishes two things.

The first is that it allows our clients to choose the most environmentally friendly source of paint available. The second is that it forces us to constantly look for new and better ways to further our goal of creating the most environmentally friendly paint products available.

Here is the complete list of our products, and how environmentally friendly they are:

Data Sheets


Placing the Customer First

We proudly support our customers as they strive to create the perfect look for the finished project. If you are an architect looking for a specific product, please contact us for further information.

The following are links to general specifications for Vision Paint Recycling products, along with two major manufacturers’ products.

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